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Tired of Driving Yet?

All photos taken on October 25, 2022.

We pulled out of Valemount shortly after 8 AM, with a plan to do a hike in Jasper National Park on the way through. It was a pretty morning and we were happy that precipitation had stopped for now.

At the junction of #16 and #5.

Clouds clung to the mountain sides.

No clear view of Mt. Robson today. But it was sure pretty.

As we got close to Moose lake, the clouds and mists increased.

We pulled off on the pullout to capture a few shots

Back on the road, the clouds thickened up as we got closer to the Alberta/B.C. boundary.

Back in our own province once more. We lost an hour, with the time change.

Soon back in Jasper (separate post), we headed to Old Fort Point for our hike (separate post). After our hike, we stopped at Bear’s Paw Bakery to pick up lunch to eat by Talbot Lake.

Walk and lunch over, we drove on for the last 4 hours. In Edson, we came upon these trucks carrying old heavy equipment tires. They were driving like maniacs and we just let them go, but not before a rock from one of the trucks hit our windshield.

Back to a pastoral prairie scene.

We got home in time to unload the car, before heading to pick up a fast food supper. We were beat. Another West Coast journey comes to an end.


20 responses to “Tired of Driving Yet?”

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  2. Nothing comes close to driving through the expansive landscapes of Canada that seem to be painted by the likes of Bob Ross, Allan. It is certainly one of the best countries to go on a road trip.

    With the fastest route from Vancouver to Edmonton totalling over 1,200 kilometres in length, this is certainly a big trip and I am so glad you shared it with your readers. I very much enjoyed it. Did you guys ever get to explore Canada’s Arctic Tundra?

    I look forward to reading about Jasper and Old Fort Point. Does this mean your series is coming to an end? Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 It’s a wonderful sunny day in Sligo, but Ericeira is battling Chicken Pox and dealing with an itchy rash and fluid-filled blisters, so we, as law-abiding citizens, are quarantined at home 😦 Aiva xx

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    1. Since Covid came, we have driven that route 13 times one way. We now know it well. Soon to do trips #14 and #15. We have always intended to drive to Alaska, but not made it yet. We have spent some time in Yellowknife though. Jasper and Old Fort Point will be the last posts in the trip. After a few posts on local walks, I will start a n ew Analogue Adventure series showing how much fun it was to travel with a little one.

      Ohhhh, poor Ericeira. Have you and Valters had chicken pox before. I remember getting chicken pox and then watching my kids scratching when they got it.

      Stay well and enjoy the weekend as much as you can. Thanks for coming along on my journey Aiva. Allan

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      1. 13 times is a lot, Allan, when are you going for a trip Nr14? My mom couldn’t remember whether or not I had chicken pox as a child and neither did Valters mom. We just have to wait and see. At least we don’t have to get up for a school run and can sleep in!

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    2. Likely within about 4-6 weeks. Still waiting to hear. Fingers crossed that you have both had chicken pox. I understand it has more lasting effects on adults. Enjoy your sleep in. Allan

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  3. The photos of the lake are gorgeous!
    Have a lovely Saturday, dear Allan 💙

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    1. It was a magical sight Luisa. We were happy to be there to see it. Happy weekend to you too. Allan

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  4. An interesting series Allan. Did the stone crack your windscreen?

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    1. Thanks Marion. I can still see the spot where it hit, but happily, no cracks. These 2 morons were driving like idiots, 20 over the limit and back and forth across the lanes. We were glad to see the back of them. Thanks for reading. Allan

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  5. It’s a long, long drive. M just completed the drive up yesterday after leaving Penticton on Wednesday and is tired today, but the scenery is always gorgeous. Your photos of these breathtaking mountains are gorgeous, too. Cheers.

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    1. Glad M made it safe and sound Lynette. A cause for celebration. Won’t it be nice when your drives here are at your leisure. Thanks for reading and commenting. Happy weekend. Allan

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  6. Breathtaking scenery, Allan! Banff, Jasper, and Yoho national parks are way up at the top of our list. You post had me practically drooling over the scenery. One day, we’re going to hitch up the camper and retrace your footsteps. Thank you for stoking the wanderlust.

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    1. Glad to pique your interest Kellye. Many here take all this for granted. We enjoy our time spent in the mountains. Hope you get to make the trip one day. If there are any questions you need answered, just ask. Thanks for travelling along with us. Allan

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      1. Thanks for offering tips, Allan. You’re going to be our go-to for planning our someday trip to those parks.

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  7. Glad the weather cleared and you got some gorgeous views! I’m really sorry you had the cracked windshield. That happened to my grandfather when he was driving through the Central Valley behind a truck carrying tomatoes. He got fined even though it wasn’t his fault. Since hearing that story, if I drive in the Central Valley, I give those trucks SO much space! It’s a good idea anyway. My driving instructor in England taught me that

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    1. It was a pretty day for a drive Claire. I got lucky, the stone only pitted my windshield and it has not cracked yet. Interesting to note there are fines for cracked windshields. Not yet in Alberta. I tried to give these trucks a wide berth, but they kept speeding up and slowing down. Thanks for reading. Allan

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      1. I think the cracked windshield fine is an opportunist thing, which is unsurprising in the Central Valley

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  8. What a beautiful drive through Jasper. Those are some massive tires! Sorry to hear that a rock from one of the trucks hit your windshield. It’s never fun driving behind or near those big trucks, especially when they are driving like maniacs.

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    1. I think autumn is the time to see the mountains at their best and with the ragged morning mist breaking on the mountain tops. There will always be idiots on the road. You just hope they are not driving big trucks and that they quickly move past. Thanks for reading Linda. Have a great Monday. Allan

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